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Elk Grove, CA

Complete Extermination Services in Elk Grove

Property owners and renters alike know just how frustrating it can be trying to upkeep your landscape once it’s been invaded by pesky pests. That’s why the trusted professionals at Valley Green Pest Control are committed to providing you with the best pest control and land maintenance services around. 

Located in Stockton, CA, we have been servicing the neighboring cities of Sacramento and Elk Grove for over 25 years. So, whether you have termites devouring your walls or simply need preventive maintenance, Valley Green Pest Control is here for you!

Outdoor Pest Control

General Pest Control

We are highly trained in several areas of pest control, but some of our general services include insect, spider, rodent, and flea extermination. Using only the best equipment, Valley Green Pest Control will help rid your home of these unwanted creatures.

Other Annoying Pests

We can also help eliminate some less common critters such as excessive flies or mosquitoes, troublesome gophers or squirrels, and even aquatic pests. With the proper training and equipment, no unwanted guest is too hard for us to handle.

Land Maintenance

To help ward off those annoying varmints, we recommend implementing a routine land maintenance schedule with one of our specialists. Whether you’re in need of turf fertilizing, field mowing, or pasture spraying, they’ll make sure your property stays in excellent condition.

Spraying for Pests
Valley Green Pest Control

If your home has been invaded with pests, then don’t hesitate to visit Valley Green Pest Control or call them at (209) 931-5111. This will be the easiest decision you’ve ever made!